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What We are Doing to Keep your Family Safe: 

  • All adults are to wear a face covering in the children’s area.
  • Leaders and children, if you have traveled to hot spots, plan to refrain from coming for 14 days. If anyone is sick in the family, the whole family should refrain from coming for 14 days.
  • Entering children’s area, everyone will have their temerature taken. Anyone whose temparature is 100 degrees or above will be asked to wait 1 minute and have their temperature taken again. If it remains at or above 100 degrees, the whole family will have to leave.
  • Only leaders will be allowed to come into the classrooms.
  • Check-in greeters will be the only ones touching the check-in stations.
  • As everyone arrives, leaders and children are to wash their hands immediately. Younger children will be wiped with a wet wipe.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building, but soap and water is always best.
  • We are eliminating items in the classrooms that cannot be cleaned.
  • The rooms will be sanitized before children arrive. Also, several times throughout the morning leaders will be sanitizing the rooms completely with Performex, a hospital-grade germicidal cleaner effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.
  • Children will have their own craft supplies. They will not share crayons, glue sticks, etc.
  • If snacks are served, leaders will clean the tables with Performex. Everyone will wash hands and glvoes will be worn by the leaders serviing snacks. Snacks will be prepackaged.
  • Children who are old enough to stay in place, will have hula hoops, chairs and other items to assist with social distancing. 
  • Kids will stay in their room the whole time. 
  • We encourage everyone to avoid physical contact and to wave to say hi!
  • Kidtown doors will not be opened until September 13th. Only people dropping off kids can use this entrance.

Guidelines for Nursery and Preschool

  • Parents will not sign their child in. Leaders will have the parents contact information on file in their classroom. There will be sanitized pens at the welcome desks for parents to use. 
  • Items from home will be labeled and placed in a plastic bag. Sippy cups must be labeled and are only allowed in infant and crawler classes.

Guidelines for Elementary Students

  • Each child will be issued a pencil box with supplies for them to use. This box will be given to them on the first day of their return and will be kept in the classroom.
  • 4th and 5th grade students will meet on the 3rd floor (Uptown).
  • Large class sized will be split in order to help with social distancing.