to enroll:

There must be a completed APPLICATION with a CURRENT MEDICAL and IMMUNIZATION RECORD, and a copy of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE before the start date.

TWO CLASSROOM VISITS and ORIENTATION must be done before the start date.
A nutritious LUNCH and a MORNING and AFTERNOON SNACK are included in tuition.




Bunnies (18 months-24 months) $150 (NO DISCOUNTS)
Kittens (2-2 ½ years) $139 FT / $129 PT
Puppies (2 ½-3 years) $139 FT / $129 PT
Giraffes (3 years) $139 FT / $129 PT
Pandas (4 years) $139 FT / $129 PT
Ducks (Pre-K) $139 FT / $129 PT
Brown Bears (Pre-K) $139 FT / $129 PT


$75 Registration Fee

$9 Insurance Fee- due upon entrance, then due annually in February.

$278 Escrow Payment (Security Deposit)- We require payment of 2 weeks tuition up front. This payment can be divided into 6 consecutive payments with each tuition payment following entrance. If you have more than one child, the Escrow is only collected for the youngest child. The Escrow is applied back to an account that is in good standing after a 2-weeks written notice before leaving our program.

$100 Materials Cost Fee (per family)- due upon entrance, then due annually on your anniversary date of entering the center.



Kindergarten (must be 5 by October 15th)
$150 Registration Fee
$250 monthly for 9 am to 1 pm ONLY or $139 weekly with before and after care


We offer a discount for 2 + children. Ask for details!

Call 540-224-3357 today for more information and to schedule a tour!